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We Help Entrepreneurs & Families Seeking: 
Smart Capital Allocation, Tax-Wise Strategies and Financial Independence with a Coordinated Approach to working with your Professional Team.

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<sup>Let's Collaborate</sup><br data-mce-bogus="1">Family Office Style Services

Let's Collaborate
Family Office Style Services

With our exclusive Family Office Style Services, we collaborate with all the professionals involved in your financial affairs.

Core Services

We specialize in serving high-net-worth individuals who have taken bold risks and now want it highly organized, preserved, and working toward their objectives.

Investment Management

 With decades of experience managing investments, we provide institutional quality investment management and consulting, designed to navigate volatile markets and uncertain economic environments.

Guiding Your Business Exits

We have advised dozens of high-net-worth clients on selling their company to maximize their after-tax results and protect their wealth from unnecessary liability.

Professional Network Relationship Management

By collaboratively supporting your network of trusted professionals, including your accountant, attorneys, and P&C agent, we can ensure your strategies are cohesive.

Tax Planning

Tax planning, cash flow analysis and fee analysis. The little things add up. Taxes and fees are the two largest drags on the growth of your wealth, which is why we look to minimize both.

Estate Planning

Protecting your heirs and minimizing taxes or administrative burdens are common goals. Values are the great difference between heirs who lose their wealth and those who protect it. We work with you to help pass down your values along with your hard earned assets.

Asset Protection

Unexpected surprises can be the greatest liability to your wealth. A clear Asset Protection plan in coordination with your attorney and insurance specialist is critical to protecting you.

Charitable Giving

 Magnifying your gifts to the causes and people you care about is a common objective. Planning and managing these strategies is a critical role we provide.

<sup>Meet Your Team</sup><br/>Powered by Resources<br/>

Meet Your Team
Powered by Resources

Our Congruent Wealth team works with New Edge Advisors, LPL Financial, Fidelity Investments, and Schwab; which are all separate entities. Along with fiduciary standard of care, we offer decades of experience managing assets, managing & preserving wealth, and helping clients work towards their life goals.

Our Mission
Helping You Live Out Your Purpose

Our Mission at Congruent Wealth is to help entrepreneurs align their values, goals, and interests into a comprehensive wealth management process. We believe that by helping clients to better organize, plan and allocate capital; they can fully live their values today to focus on a life of meaning and significance.

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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

This ebook explores charitable foundations with the goal of creating a legacy to last well beyond a single lifetime.

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