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We help align all that is important to you: Values, Family, Security, Goal Achievement and Causes you care about. We go above and beyond the typical wealth advisor experience by delving deep into tax planning, estate planning, asset protection, and charitable planning, while working closely with your other Professional Team members.

<sup>Our Passion</sup><br/>A <strong>Collaborative Approach</strong> Designed to Support Your <strong>Professional Team</strong> <br/>

Our Passion
A Collaborative Approach Designed to Support Your Professional Team

We serve the Business Owners and families who have sacrificed and risked so much to create a better service or product for consumers, a better career for their employees, a better life for their loved ones, and a difference in the causes they care about.

  • Supportive - We honor our clients by supporting their aspirations. We believe in a confidential relationship founded on mutual respect, mutual regard for each other, extreme reliability, and a consistent focus on excellence in all areas.
  • Reliable - Extreme reliability is comprised of timeliness, honesty, integrity, loyalty to higher values, fidelity to what is right and always showing up with your best. We find that High Character people get more done, together. 
  • Genuine - All things in life are better with a focus on quality: high-quality people, relationships, companies, products, services, and experiences. Life is short, let’s be our best together. Overall, this works in investing, planning, family, social life, and society. We believe character is destiny and the people you surround yourself with will, generally, determine your long-term outcomes in life.
  • Adaptive - The growth of people and capital is the result of strong values and a true focus on life-long learning. We know that requires a solid foundation of formal education, a lot more piled-on wisdom of what works in reality, an open mind to new information, and a strong set of values that have stood the test of time.
  • Coordinated – A coordinated team can accomplish great things for your family if the team works well together and with you as the focus. This must include your accountant, estate attorney, insurance agent, wealth manager and other key people.

We deliver Elite Wealth Management to High-Net-Worth Business Owners and Families. This is the result of combining high-quality institutional investment management, advanced planning, and professional team coordination.

Our Mission
Helping You Live Out Your Purpose

Our Mission at Congruent Wealth is to help entrepreneurs align their values, goals, and interests into a comprehensive wealth management process. We believe that by helping clients to better organize, plan and efficiently allocate capital; they can fully live their values today to focus on a life of meaning and significance.

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